2016 Corolla vs 2016 Civic

July 11th, 2016 by

In the same class and often compared, the 2016 Toyota Corolla and 2016 Honda Civic have a long rivalry. In today’s market, the Corolla is pushing ahead, and it’s lower starting price is not its only advantage. At a Toyota dealer serving Goldsboro, you can test drive the Corolla and see its value for yourself.

Take the Back Seat

The Corolla now has a rear floor that is almost completely flat. This exclusive humpless backseat allows the Corolla to claim 41.4 inches of legroom, beating the Civic by four inches.

Value Comparison

While the Civic MSRP range is $18,640 to $23,700, the Corolla’s MSRP ranges from $17,300 to $20,635. The Corolla also offers certain standards and options at lower trim levels than the Civic. When it comes to value, JD Power also rated the Corolla as number one for Initial Quality in its class. Get a competitive quote from a Toyota dealer serving Goldsboro, NC.

More Dash Tech

The Corolla’s 6.1-inch touch screen beats the Civic’s standard five-inch model. The Corolla’s six-speaker audio system is an improvement over the Civic’s four-speaker system. The S Plus offers an optional navigation system and Entune App Suite, while the comparable Civic SE doesn’t offer these options until a higher trim level.


The Corolla has raised the airbag count to eight while the Civic sticks with six. While both models are offering crash avoidance features, the Corolla has made them more affordable with the lower price points of its trims.

Facts are just words on a screen until you take a test drive. You’ll find the Corolla awaiting your inspection at Toyota of Goldsboro.