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December 2nd, 2019 by

If you’re looking for a car that is a little more than your basic manual everything but doesn’t have all the gadgetry that many companies are incorporating into their design, you might consider the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback. The Corolla gives you the maneuverability of a compact car with the standards of quality that are synonymous with Toyota. This isn’t a luxury car or a sports car, but it just might fit the bill if you’re looking for something that can dependably transport you from point A to point B and navigate multiple stops along the way.

The Exterior
The first thing you might notice about the Corolla Hatchback is its grille. The Corolla has the big grille that you would see on almost any new Toyota, but the separation of the grille into two sections gives the car a sleek, no nonsense appearance. When you think of a hatchback, you may envision a crossover that has been lifted off the ground. The Corolla is not a crossover. It maintains its low profile in sculpted hatchback form. Speaking of the hatch, there are LED taillights that flank the hatch adding appeal to practicality.

The Trims
Another way that Toyota keeps the choice to purchase a 2019 Corolla Hatchback simpler is by offering only two trims. It is offered as an SE or an XSE. The SE is considered the base model of the car with the XSE having a few more features.Offering only two trims on the Hatchback may seem limiting, but it can be freeing. Fewer trims from which to choose can be a bonus for those consumers who feel overwhelmed by all of the choices on the market right now. Each trim offers a choice between a six-speed manual transmission and a continuously variable (CVT) transmission.

The Interior
Depending upon the trim you choose you will find either a 4.2 inch or 7.0 inch digital screen that displays your instrument panel. Your fuel gauge and temperature display is on one side, and the tachometer is on the other side. Regardless of the trim, you will find an 8.0 inch digital touchscreen that allows you to control the Entune infotainment system. Apple CarPlay is available for those who have a compatible iPhone. The XSE offers drivers the convenience of heated front seats with a power adjustable driver seat. The SE offers a manually adjustable driver seat that is covered in fabric. Both models feature a 60/40 split bench back seat.

If you’d like to learn more about the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback, or if you’d like to schedule a personal test drive, contact the professionals at Toyota of Goldsboro.