Toyota of Goldsboro Reviews 2018 Toyota Corolla

September 2nd, 2018 by

The Toyota Corolla is more than a top seller for this Toyota dealer serving Goldsboro NC. It is a truly intelligent car with more space than its rivals. A look at how it compares to the Ford Focus can tell you a lot about its value at purchase and over time. Find financing.

Operating Costs
The Corolla has better fuel economy than the Ford Focus. The combined rate is 32 mpg versus only 28 mpg for the Focus. That will make a big difference at today’s gas prices. This is one reason that the Corolla has been recognized as having a lower five-year cost-to-own than its Ford rival. Toyota sweetens the deal with two years of free roadside assistance.

Spacious Style
Toyota Corollas have high quality furnishings that will stand the test of time and use. Furthermore, the Corolla is significantly bigger than many rivals. While the Focus measures 90.7 cu.ft. for passengers, the Corolla measures 97.5 cu.ft. That’s a lot more space. In the backseat, where it matters most, passengers have 40.1 inches of legroom. The Focus only has 33.2 inches.

Safety Factors
While Ford offers some crash avoidance features, Toyota makes them standard. Corolla buyers get adaptive cruise control to help take the stress out of busy traffic. They benefit from a forward collision warning and a pedestrian watch. These features can trigger automatic braking, preventing an accident or reducing its consequences. A lane departure warning can trigger a steering assist. This function helps the driver avoid common side swipe accidents.

There are many more reasons to choose the Corolla. Come find out more at this Toyota dealer serving Goldsboro NC.