Toyota of Goldsboro Reviews: A Comparison of 2018 Yaris and Yaris iA

July 1st, 2018 by

The 2018 Yaris and Yaris iA share much in common, but how do they differ? Here’s a review that can answer your questions. You can get even more information when you visit this Toyota dealer serving Goldsboro NC.

Fuel Economy
Here’s a look at how the two compare at the pump.

Yaris iA Automatic: 32/40 mpg
Yaris Automatic: 30/35 mpg
Yaris iA Manual: 30/39 mpg
Yaris Manual: 30/36 mpg

All of these choices will save big money at the pump. Some of these numbers sound better than some hybrids today. For a commuter, earning 30 or more in slow-and-go city driving is a big bonus. The average car earns only 23 mpg in city use.

The Yaris iA is strictly a sedan. The Yaris hatchback comes with two-door or four-door cabins. As a hatchback, the Yaris offers more cargo space, but the Yaris iA holds its own with a 13.5-cu.ft. trunk. The sedan has slightly more passenger volume than the five-door Yaris. Both vehicles have a full infotainment system with streaming audio and a touchscreen.

The Yaris iA was the first in its class to have a standard low-speed autobrake. It also has a rearview camera to help avoid obstacles. The Yaris hatchback has a lane departure warning and a forward collision warning to help you spot trouble and avoid it. By the way, JD Power has granted the Yaris a rare 4.5 out of 5 for reliability. Apply for financing.

When it comes to value, both of these cars will earn their keep. Find your favorite at this Toyota dealer serving Goldsboro NC.