Toyota College Graduate Program

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College can be one of the toughest times for many people. Not only do you have to juggle multiple classes and long nights of homework, the financial burden of books and limited working hours can be a major stress for students. Many students can no longer afford to have a brand new car while going to school full time, forcing many students to drive less than desirable, not to mention less than reliable, vehicles over the course of their college career.

This is where Toyota has stepped up and provided a program to incentivise those who have graduated or will soon be graduating from college. This program is called the Toyota College Graduate Program and it offers these students a $750 rebate on a new, untitled Toyota vehicle of their choice. Toyota recognizes the hard work and dedication that it takes to complete college and how many graduates will need a new, more reliable vehicle when they enter the workforce. This is the reason they offer this great rebate to make it much easier for them to purchase or lease a new car.
What Is The Toyota College Graduate Program?
The Toyota College Graduate Program is a rebate in the amount of $750 towards a new Toyota vehicle. that is offered to those who have recently graduated or those planning to graduate in the next 6 months. This can include the Camry, Corolla, Corolla iM, Prius,Prius C, Prius V, RAV4, Tacoma, Yaris, Yaris IA, 86, and Scions that are untitled and purchased through a Toyota dealer and Toyota Financial Services.
What Are The Qualifications For The Toyota College Graduate Program?
To qualify for this program, you must meet certain criteria. This will include your graduations status, your current or future employment status, and your credit score. To qualify for the Toyota College Graduate Program, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

Have been enrolled in or graduated from an accredited graduate degree program in the last 2 years
Have already graduated from a qualifying 2 year trade school in the past two years or will be graduating in the next 6 months.
Have graduated from a 2 year college, junior college, technical college, or university in the last 2 years. Those who will be graduating the next 6 months will qualify as well.
Have graduated from an accredited 4 year college, university, or registered nursing degree program in the last 2 years. Those who will be graduating the next 6 months will qualify as well.
You will also be required to show a proof of current employment. A proof of future employment with a start date within 120 of your purchase date will suffice as well. Your income must be deemed sufficient to afford a new vehicle by Toyota Financial Services as well.
How Do I Apply For The Toyota Graduate Program?
If you have reviewed the following criteria and feel that you meet the qualifications for the rebat, you can apply for the credit at –

You may also visit us at Toyota Of Goldsboro to speak to one of our highly trained associates to walk you through the application and test drive a new Toyota.