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April 16th, 2019 by

Sacrificial service is a way of life for those who choose to enter the military. The families of the military are no strangers to sacrifice either. Toyota recognizes the efforts of the members of the military and their families. As a tangible way to show appreciation for those who have chosen to serve, Toyota offers a Military Rebate Program to qualified buyers who meet eligibility requirements.

Who is eligible for the Military Rebate Program?
Qualified applicants who are currently on active duty are eligible for the military rebate. Household members of an eligible member of the military can qualify for this rebate as well. Gold Star families, those who have endured the loss of a loved one on active duty, are also included in the eligible population. Former members of the military who retired or were honorably discharged from service within the last year could also potentially be eligible for the rebate.

What other qualifications must be met in addition to eligibility requirements?
In order to qualify for the military rebate, the buyer must have proof of their military status at the time of purchase. Verifiable proof of status can include a Leave or Earning Statement, a military ID card or a DD Form 214, Certificate of Leave or Discharge from Active Duty. Proof of a qualifying income that proves the ability to pay for both the vehicle and living expenses is required. Toyota Financial Services must approve the credit worthiness of the potential buyer.

What are the terms of the Military Rebate Program?
Once eligibility has been established and other qualification criteria have been met, buyers who qualify will be given a $500 rebate toward the purchase or lease of a new Toyota. The rebate will be applied as a portion of the down payment for the purchase of a new car or it will be applied as an upfront cost reduction for a lease agreement. There are term limits that apply to the use of the rebate. In some circumstances, more savings may be available when using the Military Rebate in conjunction with other offers.

To discuss the Toyota Military Rebate further or to start the qualification process, contact the finance professionals at Toyota of Goldsboro.