Toyota of Goldsboro- What 2018 Toyota models have Toyota Safety Sense?

February 15th, 2018 by

Making a statement for safety, Toyota leads affordable and luxury brands in the number and scope of crash avoidance features that are standard on its 2018 models. Seventeen cars, trucks, and SUVs have the whole package. Four budget models have a partial package. These models are leading their class toward the future.

Crash Avoidance Features
Toyota Safety Sense C can alert you to a forward collision danger. It may even trigger an autobrake. The system watches the lane lines and alerts you to departures. Your high beams can lower the light to protect the eyes of oncoming cars and raise the light when it’s fair to do so. The following vehicles have the C suite:
1. Prius c
2. Yaris hatchback
3. Prius v (available)

Crash Avoidance Features Plus
Toyota Safety Sense P improves the C package by adding a lane assist. It strengthens the collision system by adding a pedestrian watch and a more potent autobrake. Drivers get the automatic high beams and Dynamic Cruise Control. These systems can:
1. Reduce the chances of a side swipe or rear end collision
2. Prevent or reduce resulting injuries and damage
3. Lower insurance rates for new vehicles
4. Give peace of mind to busy parents
5. Lower the stress of a daily commute
6. Protect resales value by avoiding an accident

Sedans and Hatchbacks
Only a handful of rival cars, including hybrids, have any of these standard crash avoidance features. Toyota has added Toyota Safety Sense P to the following sedans and hatchbacks:
1. Corolla
2. Prius
3. Prius Prime
4. Camry
5. Camry Hybrid
6. Avalon
7. Avalon Hybrid

SUVs, Minivans and Trucks
Family transportation may be much safer with Toyota Safety Sense P. These vehicles seat up to 9 people. Parents have many options with these Safety Sense equipped vehicles:
1. C-HR compact crossover
2. RAV4 crossover
3. RAV4 hybrid
4. Highlander three-row family crossover
5. Highlander hybrid
6. Sequoia three-row family SUV
7. Land Cruiser luxury family SUV
8. Sienna minivan
9. Tacoma mid-size
10. Tundra full-size

Select Safety Sense Features
Built differently than the regular Yaris or Corolla, the Yaris iA and Corolla iM are unique models. Each offers a low-speed autobrake. With this select Safety Sense feature, both cars are among the best equipped in their class.

Saving You Money
The idea behind these well-equipped base models is to reduce purchase costs while supplying the latest safety technology. Compared to the cost of rival crash avoidance technology, these Toyotas may save $1,000 or more. Toyota’s 21 Safety Sense choices offer a wide variety of price points to match the budgets of different new car shoppers.

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