What is Toyota Safety Sense

March 16th, 2019 by

Toyota is committed to manufacturing safe vehicles for their consumers. In addition to providing safety restraints and airbags to protect people in the event of a crash, many new Toyotas are equipped with features that potentially help prevent a collision from occurring. This bundle of available features is known as Toyota Safety Sense.

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection
The Pre-Collision System is an integrated camera and radar system. The system is designed to help drivers avoid hitting a car or pedestrian in front of them. The system will give an audio and visual alert when it detects the possibility of a frontal collision with either a car or a pedestrian. For vehicle detection the system is active between approximately 7 and 110 miles per hour. The system may alert the driver for possible collisions with a pedestrian between 7 and 50 miles per hour. The Pre-Collision System works in conjunction with Brake Assist technology to slow or potentially stop the car to prevent an accident.

Lane Departure Alert
Occasionally, a driver may veer slightly from the lane of travel. When this happens the lane departure alert system signals the driver with an audio and visual alert. When traveling on a road with visible markings the system uses a camera that is integrated into the windshield to determine if the car leaves the lane of travel. The system does not activate when a driver uses a turn signal to change lanes. Lane Departure Alert is available with Steering Assist and Road Edge Detection on some models.

Automatic High Beams
The Automatic High Beams system uses an in-vehicle camera to help determine if there are oncoming headlights or taillights in front of a vehicle equipped with the system. When preceding lights are detected the system automatically switches between high and low beams as needed. This system is designed to activate at speeds above 25 miles per hour.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
Dynamic Radar Cruise Control uses an in-windshield camera along with a radar behind the Toyota badge to allow a driver to travel at a preset speed. The vehicle automatically slows down without deactivating cruise control when a preceding vehicle is detected.

Additional available features included with Safety Sense are Road Sign Assist and Lane Tracing Assist.